Starting a Business

Where to Start

1. Contact Our Office
The Department of Community Planning and Development is here to help you navigate the exciting process of considering Gardner as the home of your business.  Whether you are a first time entrepreneur or the representative of a major firm looking to re-locate we are here to assist you. Begin by contacting Coordinator Jessica DeRoy to determine your set of needs.  We will offer suggestions for next steps and connect you to resources and individuals who can help. 

2. Visit the Building Department
Once you find a location contact the Building Commissioner, who is the Zoning Enforcement Officer.  The Building Commissioner needs to sign-off that your business is permitted to operate in the zoning district you are locating in.

3. Visit the City Clerk's Office
The Building Commissioner will provide you with the necessary documentation to obtain a doing business as (d/b/a) certificate if your business name is something other than your name, the cost is $40.00 and it is good for 4 years.