What are the elements of an urban renewal plan?
- Maps of the project area
- Data demonstrating that the area meets the eligibility criteria
- Project objectives
- Financing plan
- Local approvals
In addition, the plan should embrace smart growth strategies and Brownfield
Once the plan has received local approvals (planning board, city council,
mayor) it must be approved by the State Housing and Community Development Agency.
After the plan is approved by the state, the city is then eligible to submit an urban
development action grant request. When the city is awarded an urban development
action grant, the state will contribute up to 50% percent of the overall cost of the
financing plan over a period of twenty years. The city is responsible for the remaining
50% percent.
Typically, the city bonds the entire amount of the financing plan and is later reimbursed
by the state for their 50% percent share.

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