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Trash Fee Abatement Form

  1. Trash Fee Abatement Form

  2. I have requested the Trash Fee be abated at the above location for the following reason:*

  3. If your property is served by a private hauler under private contract:

  4. Please upload a copy of your contract with your private hauler here.

  5. If your property is a multi-family dwelling building with one or more apartments that are kept permanently vacant or are now part of another apartment building:

  6. Note:

    Be advised that you are responsible for informing the City of Gardner Board of Health if any of the above information changes. Failure to inform the Board of Health of any changes to the property status may lead to a fine of $150 to $300 per offense.

  7. I attest the information given above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge

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