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Food Establishment Application - Annual/Seasonal


  1. 1. Application Type
  2. 2. Establishment Information
  3. 3. Applicant/Owner
  4. 4. Operations Manager/Supervisor
  5. 5. Facility Operations
  6. 6. Food Operations
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  • Application Type

    1. Food Establishment Application (Annual/Seasonal)

      Use this application for: Food Service with Seats (Restaurant), Seasonal Mobile Food Unit, Seasonal Food Permit, Mobile Food Permit, Food Pantry Service, Frozen Dessert, Ice Cream, Yogurt (Mfg'ers Only), Limited Retail Food Service Only (Less than 10 SqFt, only wrapped pre-packaged items), Limited Food Service (Stationary) - (Heating wrapped pre-packaged items only)

    2. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the planned opening date

    3. No permits will be issued until payment has been received in full and processed by the staff of the City of Gardner Health Department.

    4. Permit Length*