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Body Piercing/Tattooing Application

  1. Application for Permit to Practice Body Piercing/Tattooing or Provide an Establishment for the Practice of Body Piercing/Tattooing

    No permit will be issued until payment has been received in full by the City of Gardner Health Department according to the fee schedule listed below.

  2. Fee Schedule:

    Practice Body Piercing: $100; Tattoo Artist: $100; Provide Establishment for Practice of Body Piercing: $200; Provide Establishment for Practice of Tattooing: $200

  3. Applicant Information:

  4. Establishment Information:

  5. Spore Testing Laboratory Information

  6. Licensed Hazardous Waste Removal Company Information

  7. License Solid Wast Removal Company

  8. Supporting Documents:

  9. Piercer/Tattoo Artist

  10. Establishment

  11. If required

  12. Is your facility equipped with sinks/basins with hot and cold running water?*

  13. Does your facility have an autoclave, which can operate at 273 degrees Fahrenheit under 20 PSI pressure for 30 minutes?*

  14. Important Note*

    A social security number or federal identification number is required for the completion of this application. Someone from the Health Department will contact you via phone to get this information. Please do not send this information via email.

  15. I verify that I have read the Gardner Board of Health "Body Piercing Regulations", and have had an opportunity to ask questions, and agree to abide by it. In addition, pursuant to MGLc 62C, S49A, I certify under the penalties of perjury that I, to the best of my knowledge and beliefs, have filed all state tax returns, and paid all state taxes required under law.

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