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Health Department

  1. Body Piercing/Tattooing Application
  2. Catering Application - One Day

    One-day catering application for the City of Gardner. You must also be licensed in the city of your base of operations.

  3. Food Establishment Application - Temporary

    FEE: $20.00/Day NOTE: Fee may be waived for organizations that currently possess an Annual food license from the Gardner Board of... More…

  4. Lodging Application
  5. Septage Hauler Application
  6. Solid Waste Hauler Application
  7. Tobacco Application
  8. Unattended Donation Box Application Permit
  1. Catering Application - Annual

    Annual catering permit application for the City of Gardner.

  2. Food Establishment Application - Annual/Seasonal
  3. Funeral Director Application
  4. Missed Trash/Recycling
  5. Septic System Installer Application
  6. Tanning Facility Application
  7. Trash Fee Abatement Form
  8. Well Permit Application

Parking & Civil Enforcement Department

  1. Parking Violation Appeal Form

    Use this for appealing parking violations

  1. Report a Meter Issue

    Please complete this form to notify us of a meter in need of repair.

Public Works

  1. Report a Pothole

    Use this form to report a pothole

  2. Road Opening Permit

    Permit to obstruct/open street or sidewalk

  1. Request a Tree

    Use this form to request a tree for your front yard

Tax Collector

  1. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Request Form

    Request for prior years motor vehicle excise taxes paid

  1. Real Estate Tax Request Form

    Request for prior years taxes paid for income tax purposes.

Yard Sale Permit

  1. Yard Sale Permit

    Yard Sale Permits are available for up to four days per calendar year. By applying for the permit the applicant confirms that this... More…