Public Records Request

Information for requesting public records

Requests for public records should be directed to the Records Custodian for the particular department holding the record. See list below for Records Custodian contact information for each department, board and commission. Additional assistance is available by contacting the Records Access Officers also listed below.

  • Although not required, requests for public records should be submitted in writing in order to ensure that the Office accurately and completely responds to your request.

  • A request for public records should include a reasonable description of specific records being requested.

  • Under some circumstances the Records Custodian may assess a reasonable fee for the production of public records.

  • Anyone may request records directly from Records Custodians listed below. The Law does not require any specific format for making a request but the sample below may be helpful. It is recommended that your request contain the following information:

Date request mailed

Records Custodian of Department, Board or Commission from list below
Name of Department, Board or Commission
Address of Department, Board or Commission
Gardner, MA 01440

Re: Massachusetts Public Records Request

Dear __________:

This is a request under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (M.G.L. Chapter 66, Section 10) I am requesting that I be provided a copy of the following records:

[Please include a detailed description of the information you are seeking.]

I recognize that you may charge reasonable costs for copies, as well as for personnel time needed to comply with this request. If you expect costs to exceed $10.00, please provide a detailed fee estimate.

The Public Records Law requires you to provide me with a written response within 10 calendar days. If you cannot comply with my request, you are statutorily required to provide an explanation in writing.


Your name
Contact information (address, email, telephone)

If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you may appeal to the Supervisor of Records. See Appealing a Denial of Access to Public Records in Massachusetts for more information.

For additional information about making a request or filing an appeal, see 950 CMR 32.08 (2) or refer to our publication, A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law (PDF).

Records Custodians

Department/Records Category Records Access Officer Phone Address

Administrative Coordinator
978-630-8195 50 Manca Drive
Animal Control and Animal Shelter Richard Braks
Chief of Police
978-630-4950 95 Pleasant Street
Room 29
Assessing Department
(Real Estate Assessments)
City Assessor
978-630-4004 95 Pleasant Street
Room 226
Auditing Department John Richard
City Auditor
978-630-4005 115 Pleasant Street
Room 114
Building & Zoning
Roland Jean
Building Commissioner
978-630-4007 115 Pleasant Street
Room 101
City Clerk & City Council Titi Siriphan
City Clerk
978-630-4058 95 Pleasant Street
Room 121
Community Development & Planning Trevor Beauregard
978-630-4011 115 Pleasant Street,
Room 201
Council on Aging Michael Ellis
Senior Citizens' Director
978-630-4067 294 Pleasant Street

Disability Commission Debra Pond
Commission Liaison
978-630-4001 95 Pleasant Street
Room 14
Elections and Registrations Titi Siriphan
City Clerk
978-630-4058 95 Pleasant Street
Room 121
Engineering/Survey Department Chris Coughlin
City Engineer
978-630-4010 50 Manca Drive
Fire Department Greg Lagoy
Acting Fire Chief
978-630-4051 70 City Hall Avenue

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Jonathan Fiore
GIS Coordinator
978-630-8195 50 Manca Drive
Golf Course William Frank
978-630-4010 95 Pleasant Street
Room 226
Greenwood Memorial Pool Debra Pond
Department Administrator
978-630-4001 95 Pleasant Street
Room 14
Health Department Lauren Saunders
978-630-4013 95 Pleasant Street
Room 29
Human Resources Department Debra Pond
978-630-4001 95 Pleasant Street
Room 14
Information Technology Robert O'Keefe
978-630-4019 95 Pleasant Street
Room 229
Law Department Atty. John M. Flick
City Solicitor
978-632-7948 144 Central Street
Suite 201
Levi Heywood Memorial Library Kathleen Leslie
978-632-5298 55 West Lynde Street

License Commission Kerri Fitch
Commission Agent
978-630-4013 95 Pleasant Street
Room 29
Mayor Rachel Stephano
Executive Secretary
978-630-1490 95 Pleasant Street
Room 125
Police Department Richard Braks
Chief of Police

200 Main Street

Public Works Department (Cemetery, 
Municipal Grounds, Parks, Playgrounds, Sewer & Water)
Dane Arnold

50 Manca Drive
Purchasing Department (Bids & Contracts)
Purchasing Agent

95 Pleasant Street
Room 217
Retirement Board Cheryl Bosse

95 Pleasant Street
Room 17
School Department/School Committee Mark Pellegrino
Superintendent of Schools
978-632-1000 70 Waterford Street

Tax Collector & Treasurer Jennifer Dymek
Collector of Taxes
978-630-4016 95 Pleasant Street
Room 118
Veterans' Services John Richard 978-630-4017 95 Pleasant Street
Room 209