Trash & Recycling

For new residents, please contact the Health Department for setting up trash and recycling service.

 Curbside Trash Pickup Toter Tips

  • Place your cart a the curb for collection with the arrow on the lid pointing towards the street.
  • Do not overload the cart*.  Any trash or recycle toters that are overstuffed in any manner will not be emptied.  Lids must be completely closed.
  • Keep the cart lid closed when your toter is not in use.
  • Do not store your cart near a furnace, fireplace, grill, or other heat source.
  • Clean your cart out periodically with water.  Afterwords, be sure to empty all water from the bottom of the container and allow to dry.
*Yellow City pas-as-you-throw bags to dispose of extra trash may be purchased and placed curbside.

*If you have excess trash and/or recyclables, you may obtain a transfer station sticker to dispose of the overflow.

To report a missed Trash or Recycling pickup, call the Health Department at 978-630-4013 or submit your request here.

Trash & Recycling Calendar

Curbside Pickup Trash & Recycling Calendar

Yard Waste

April 3rd will start the new year of yard waste pick up curbside.  Yard waste is picked up the first full week of each month during the months of April -October. In November there are two weeks of yard waste pickup, the first full week and the third week of the month.
  • April 3 - 6
  • May 1 - 4
  • June 5 – 8
  • July 10 – 14
  • August 7 - 10
  • September  4 - 7
  • October 2 - 5
  • November 6 - 9, November 27 - 30           

Paint Disposal

The Paint Shed is currently closed. Dried-out latex paint cans with lids off may be placed in your curbside toter or can be disposed of as part of a trash volume load at the Transfer Station (annual sticker required)  Other paint products can be disposed of at Hazardous Household Waste Collections Days.