Public Works

The Department of Public Works goal is to provide the best maintenance, safety and quality of life for our residents and visitors to the City of Gardner’s streets, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, forestry, equipment, water, sewer and other infrastructure with pride and integrity from our valued employees.

The DPW is Responsible for:
  • 100 miles of accepted City streets
  • 5 miles +/- of unaccepted gravel roads
  • 50 miles of sidewalks
  • 40 miles of drain pipes
  • 500 drainage structures
  • 100 pieces of equipment
    • front-end loaders, dump trucks, backhoes, sidewalk tractors, snow blowers, pick-ups, sanders, trailers, bucket truck, tractors, mowers, mixers, sweepers, etc.
  • Maintaining the Police Department and City Hall vehicles
Road Cones


The Public Works Department is organized into the following Divisions:


The Public Works Department is to maintains over 39 acres of the 4 cemeteries throughout the City with care and provide safety for any visitors and want to ensure comfort to the loved ones of those resting on the City’s property. Learn more..


Pruning, planting and removal of public shade trees. Learn more..


Responsible for streets, sidewalks, sweeping, drainage, snow and ice, and lighting.  Learn more...

Parks & Recreation

Learn more..

Water & Sewer

The City of Gardner owns the water and Sewer Department and all the associated facilities.  Suez has been contracted by the City of operate and maintain the water distribution system, sewer collection system and all the water/sewer facilities. Learn more..