1. Building Department

    Our goal is to assist contractors and citizens alike in all matters associated with building and the Building Permit process.

  2. Cemeteries

  3. City Auditor

    The mission of the Auditing Department is to perform audits of all invoices and payrolls submitted for payment by the City departments, produce timely and accurate financial reports and to enforce the City's budget.

  4. City Assessor

    Find application related to the services provided by the City Assessor, as well as contact information.

  5. City Clerk

    This Office of the City Clerk provides several services, including the issuance of business certificates, marriage licenses, dog licenses and raffle permits, as well as voting registration and election information.

  6. Community Development & Planning

    The mission of the Department of Community Development and Planning is to support positive change by improving and protecting the facilities and the environment.

  7. Conservation

    The Conservation Department is part of the Community Development and Planning Office.

  8. Economic Development

    The Office offers a variety of resources and technical assistance for businesses looking to relocate, expand, and remain in the City. Some of these include site finder services, traditional and non-traditional financing options, tax incentives, and workforce development programs. The Office can also assist with business plan and loan proposals, local and state permitting guidelines, and other general business assistance to help expedite your business plan.

  9. Emergency Management

    Civil Defense shall prepare the appropriate disaster response plans and ensure that the City is fully prepared to respond in the event of a disaster.

  10. Engineering / Survey Department

    The Engineering Department furnishes engineering services and technical advice to the various departments of City government on matters relating to public and private construction projects and municipal infrastructure.

  11. Fire Department

    The mission of the Gardner Fire Department is to protect the city’s residents and visitors from fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, rescue situations, and other natural and man-made disasters.

  12. Gardner Educational TV

    Gardner Educational Television, Channel 8, is granted to the City of Gardner as a governmental and educational partnership.

  13. Golf Course

    Access policies, rates, tournament schedules, specials and other information pertaining to the Gardner Municipal Golf Course.

  14. Health Department

    The Gardner Health Department strives to provide a safe and sanitary environment for the residents of Gardner.

  15. Housing Authority

    The Gardner Housing Authority administers a variety of housing programs sponsored by both the State and Federal Government.

  16. Human Resources

    The overall mission of the Human Resources Department is the ensure that employees are hired, compensated and managed properly and fairly.

  17. Legal Department

    Read more about the duties of the City Solicitor and Assistant City Solicitor.

  18. Parking & Civil Enforcement

    The Parking Clerk is an appointee of the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council.

  19. Parks & Recreation

  20. Police Department

    See details and information on the City of Gardner Police Department.

  21. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works goal is to provide the best maintenance, safety and quality of life for our residents and visitors to the City of Gardner’s streets, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, forestry, equipment, water, sewer and other infrastructure with pride and integrity from our valued employees.

  22. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Department implements and administers the purchasing policies and procedures of the City.

  23. School Department

    The mission of the Gardner Public School System is to create an environment to enable students to think critically, communicate effectively, work independently and collaboratively, and demonstrate sufficient academic competencies and skills to compete effectively in a diverse democratic society.

  24. Transfer Station

    Find documents and resources related to the Gardner Transfer Station.

  25. Treasurer / Collector

    View the mission statement and see resources from the Treasurer/Collector.

  26. Veteran's Agent

    Our mission is to assist veterans and their dependents in obtaining State and Federal benefits.

  27. Water & Sewer

  28. Senior Center